Sundog in flight

About Us

A differnet idea, from a different team

We are a specialized team. Each member of our group has very distinct abilities. Masters in our trades, we bring all aspects of our products to the highest level. With this, we can confidently deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Quality that shows; it brings pride to our work.

There are a number of policies that we adhere to. To name a few:

  • Seeing the aircraft we design, and therefore, all MosquitoBite Planes kits are a minimum of 72" wide (except for the Sundog).
  • Strength in design. All of our kits are tested to ridiculous levels. And example of this: The Tri-Pacer can maintain a 30 pound test load on top of the fuselage with wing installed. This test allows us to see if the fuselage is holding up to it's load requirements.
  • Quality of material. If you're looking for cheap components and material in our kits, you won't find it. All material is hand picked and checked for defects. Everyone deserves to get the same quality as the one seen in the magazines.
  • Multiple source materials for construction. We provide many forms of instruction to build from: (1) Plan View drawings showing traditional instruction and parts layout. (2) Isometric View drawings, see how everything comes together with a clear “exploded view” diagram of all parts and their connections. (3) A Modular Manual breaks down each section of the build by first clearly identifying all needed parts to complete the section. The Construction Manual contains redundant photos with isometric step-by-step drawings to ensure clear understanding of the assembly. (4) Labelled Parts. All laser cut parts are not just Labelled, but all the connections of each joint is Labelled with the name of the mating part. (5) Video. Some kits will come with a DVD instruction video that will allow the modeller to build a kit side-by-side with the designer. Pause the video or rewind to catch all tips and tricks. Also see how a kit can go from box to covering in a single weekend.

Lasers: just a tool, or a method?

Laser-cut kits are a real bonus to the model kit industry. However, the role a laser plays in the manufacturing of a kit is much different for us. For many model manufacturers, a laser is just a tool to replace the method of die-cutting the same parts. Benefits are modest with cleaner parts and a more accurate fit. Our view is vastly different. Laser technology is a means to design a kit in ways never before possible.

A comparison might be: Building a full size Lockheed 10 Electra in 1930 with power tools and computer milling machines. For us, the Electra would get redesigned to exploit the supporting technologies. Stronger, cleaner, and more accurate results. The plane would look more like a modern Dassault Falcon. The benefits are clear. Designing for the laser specifically yields a new method of product design. We are proud to offer something so vastly different, that it allows modellers the ability to build a kit almost as fast as assembling some ARFs. This is our objective, to let modellers be modellers. Build fast and strong, and repair their kits without stress. With time, modellers will ask why they would consider an ARF ever again.

We design for the builder, not for the cost of manufacturing

We note every aspect of the construction process, and pick out the tasks that require the modeller to perform unnecessary work. Many kits these days leave so much for the modeller to do. In many cases, the modeller has to be very skilled with an array of nifty tools and equipment just to complete portions of a kit. A better designed kit will reduce fuss and havoc that is so typically the reason modellers spend months building.

Ease of construction is closely linked to ease of understanding the supplied plans and material. It's true to those who build a common kit more than once. The second time you build the same kit, it takes a lot less time, typically half. Knowing what you are doing is a job normally left to the builder. We see this differently. To us, knowing how to build our kits is our responsibility. And for that, we provide very clear step-by-step manuals accompanied with large clear plans with 3-D isometric “exploded views” of the entire kit. Sometimes, we even include an interactive step-by-step DVD, allowing the builder to build along side with the designer. Have you ever seen a kit built in 3 days?