Questions many ask...

There are always questions everyone has. We will attempt to answer the most common questions we receive.

Where are all the war birds?

We have nothing against the classic aircraft of WWI & WWII... However, we find that there are at least 30 companies producing any one of these types of designs already. We try not to duplicate anything that is already out there. Instead, we try to expand into designs that have been neglected or, that are a little too hard for others to produce.

Do you offer any ARFs?

We are strictly a kit development company. This is not to say we will never produce something in that form, just that we will wait until we are the very last to offer it. We will never stop offering kits for every one of our designs.

Why are all your kits so large?

Actually, they aren't that big, we just choose not to go small. Currently we have a policy that stipulates nothing will be offered in a size under 72" (6 feet wide). We may offer smaller kits in the future, but this won't happen for glow powered models. These plans are not in place right now, nor are they planned any time soon.

Are there any of your kits that are made for electric?

All our kits can be converted to electric, and have been by many customers. We are currently reconfiguring some of our kits to be more accommodating for electric pilots. Any purposed designed electric kits will be designated for multi-engine applications.

What support do you offer for modellers who have purchased your kits?

We offer extended support to all who buy our products. We always follow up with a few phone calls to check up on how your plane is going. If you find you're having a challenge with your kit, CALL US FIRST. If you modify your kit and try to remedy the issue, it becomes extremely hard to resolve the original problem. Of course, if you have damaged or missing parts, we help you in that respect immediately. We encourage you to build the plane according to the manual and the plans. If you change too many things to "customize" your kit, it becomes very hard to offer suggestions to problems of an unknown setup.

How long does it take to ship my kit?

We choose to ship via the Post Office. Because we are in Canada, the shipping time is more than if we were south of the border. Customs and complexities will add to the shipping time.

Can I buy your kit at my local Hobby shop?

We do not know every hobby shop in the world, but we do send kits to hobby shops in the US and Canada. We prefer it this way so that we have a personal connection to the modeller. It's important to us to know how the building experience is going, and how well the kit performed. We are very receptive to user feedback, and would love to hear from you at any stage of your build.

How do I submit a photo for your online gallery?

Email us, or send us the photo in a letter. We love reading all your letters and seeing all your photos. If the photo you have submitted is not in the gallery, be patient, we never forget anyone.

Why does it take so long before we see new models?

We are a small team here (6 people), and we develop our products thoroughly. We don't design simple planes - we like the hard ones. So it may take a while to see the next new thing.

What are you working on right now?

We don't normally tell anyone what we are working on, mostly because we tend to produce designs that are not produced by anyone else. If we were to offer a P-51, we would tell you, as there is no chance we would be the first to offer it. We may give you hints, but that's all.

Can I offer a suggestion for your next design consideration?

Yes you can. We have a long list of designs on the table at any one time, but we are always willing to listen to new ideas. Sometimes a really good idea will get to the front of the line (usually gets you a free kit for the idea). If you want us to add a design tool to our Tools section, we welcome suggestions for that also. Don't worry about the math part, we will figure it out.

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