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MosquitoBite Planes Legacy

For many in the modelling hobby — across the globe, the quality experience from building a MosquitoBite Planes kit remains strong. Thousands of modellers look back at the golden days of modelling and the art of personal expression in one’s work. Today, it’s these enthusiasts we salute.

MosquitoBite Planes is now closed for business as of the end of December 31st, 2016. Online material will remain to support customers who have purchased our products over the years. Volunteers will answer customer questions as part of our dedication to our customers — however, in a limited capacity.

We thank you all for sharing your stories, photos, and compliments — they’re the reason why we go the extra circuit for that perfect landing.

Tri-Pacer on floats

EDO Float Drawings

As a parting gift, we at MosquitoBite Planes are providing reference drawings for EDO floats. These drawings were painstakingly created from exact measurements of the full size floats. These drawings are vector-based (infinite resolution) and can be sized to any scale. It was our intention to produce these floats for our Tri-Pacer, unfortunately, time did not allow for their completion.

So rather than let all our work go to waste, we offer these reference drawings to the scratch modellers who’ve called EDO over the years asking for plans.

Download EDO Float Drawings (PDF)

Thank you.

For those interested, this company along with all designs and stock materials is for sale. Inquire through our contact form.