Robin Kit



Wingspan: 72"

Engine: OS 46AX

Radio: 5 channel

HS-322HD (5)


Previous support documentation soon to be available again.

Andy Lennon’s Favourite

The STOL Robin represents years of engineering and design development by Andy Lennon. From the wing design to the calculated relationship between the horizontal tail and the flaps, the Robin is a masterpiece of model engineering. See what makes the Robin an exceptional STOL design.

Quite a different kit then conventional designs. For those modellers who recognize the internal structure of the STOL Robin here, may see where the FastFit system has changed the way the parts look, yet function exactly the same. The new system allows assembly parts to self-lock straight and true. Have you ever wanted to test the assembly process first before you use glue? This example shows how the builder can dry-fit parts to become familiar with the structure first, then go at it with complete understanding and confidence.

Note how large the receiver/battery compartment is. A lot of business is handled in this self-jigged cage that sets the whole fuselage straight and true.

Everything from the wing mount to the main gear plate — all loads and stresses are contained in this tight structural cage.