Sundog Kit


No longer available online


Wingspan: 50"

Battery: 3S/2200

Motor: 450—500W

Radio: 5 channel

HS-322HD (2), HS-225MG (2)

A Real Sport Electric

Contrary to our long standing rule for minimum kit size, this little sport job will remind you of just how much fun model building and flying is. The unique shape of this craft provides lateral stability while offering a high level of precision aerobatics. The docile nature of the airfoil permits pilots a casual landing and a safe-stall characteristic (controllable mush).

The high strength of this design provides years of reliable and recoverable outings at the field. Enjoy a truly satisfying flight experience with your own Sundog — you’re new favourite sport flyer.


The Sundog is exactly 50" wide. It uses the same airfoil profile as the T-REX, only with integrated ailerons just like the Robin. The V-Tail is a unique adaptation, it provides lateral stability while grabbing clean air. This tail design is light and has amazing responsiveness while keeping clear of long grass. Using a 450W electric out-runner, the Sundog can perform some amazing maneuvers — while offering an easy 7 minutes of sport action. With a 500W electric out-runner, the Sundog will climb vertical — reaching speeds that create the unique Sundog “howl.” Hear this noise and everyone will know you have a Sundog, the last of our famous kits.

A few videos of the Sundog in action...

We should mention that these videos show a “nose” on the Sundog. We dropped this option due to cooling issues when performing 3D manoeuvres. In the end, a cowl wasn’t needed as it didn’t contribute to noticeable speed gains.

Sundog Landing

Sundog slow pass

Sundog inverted

Sundog climbing