Product Support

Products delivered to customers gain the support of our staff in the form of consultation and material for the specific product sold to such customer. Material support is not transferable after the product packaging has been opened. If the product becomes the property of someone other then the person who purchased the kit, then only email/phone support can be offered. Each kit has a lifetime support plan that follows the kit where ever it goes. Anyone owning a kit can indefinitely receive free phone/email support.


If you have modified your kit beyond the recommendations outlined in the Construction Manual, it may be difficult to offer suggestions on potential issues that arise from the modified kit. If it is determined that the kit has been modified beyond what we would consider mild (ie: wing span change, custom servo mounting, overweight engine), then support may not be able to continue until the plane is brought back within specs. We strongly recommend that you build the kit according to the instructions. Read the manual over first - completely, before commencing. If you set the CG with the tank empty, you will have a nose heavy airplane. You must use the recommended propeller for the kit, rather then the recommended propeller by the engine manufacture or the plane could fly sluggishly. Do not over load your plane with every available option and fit the smallest engine from the recommended engine range. The engine range is there to show flexibility in varied configurations. A prime example of what NOT to do would be the following (all items for the same kit):

  • Covering the plane with cloth instead of light polyester covering (adding weight)
  • Installing 4 servos in the wing instead of using two in the centre servo tray (adding weight)
  • Adding scale rigging to the tail (adding drag and weight)
  • Setting the CG with an empty fuel tank - pushing the CG forward = sluggish behaviour
  • Using the smallest engine in the suggested engine range = sluggish behaviour
  • Undersized prop recommended by the engine manufacture and not the plans = sluggish behaviour
  • APC prop on a 4-stroke engine instead of a prop designed for 4-stroke engines = sluggish behaviour
  • Flying the plane in it's nose heavy/overweight/underpowered configuration
  • Not calling MBP for support to find out what went wrong or how to fix it.


Products that have been damaged in the process of shipping must be reported to the shipping company immediately upon arrival. This applies to resellers and independent hobby outlets. Reported damage after such time as the shipping company no longer accepts responsibility will not be replaced by MBP. Buying from a reseller: If damage is found after the product has been received but packaging not opened until later as done when purchasing a kit from a hobby outlet, the product must be brought back to the outlet where it was purchased. It is offered/recommended to the hobby outlet that replacement parts be acquired by the reseller for the customer at no charge to the customer. Dealer discounts still apply.

Missing Parts

In the past, missing material had occurred in some cases. Our strategy for controlling this scenario varied from cameras on assembly station to ISO check lists. Still we would receive calls from customers who reported "Half the wood..." supplied was missing. We have learned through experience that missing parts at times coincidentally outlined all parts needed to build [ie:] a new wing or nose section - especially months after the kit was delivered. Our current and most reliable method of controlling missing parts in packaging the kit is: weight. All sections of each product are packaged separately at separate times. Small hardware is always packaged in a sealed bag and weighed. Laser cut wood is measured to a specific stacked height and matched with the known sheet count. The kit is packaged in such a way that each component is physically supporting the proper placement of other components. This is to ensure safe travel. In the end, the whole kit would be weighted and matched with the known weight of that particular kit. Shipping the kit then matches the shippers weight stamp which we keep on record. This is not to say that something hasn't gone missing, but it does resolve 90% of the issue.

Custom Parts

It is a well known fact that if a customer calls us to say "I messed up the wing/fuse/ailerons...", we are many times more likely to offer extra special help in the form of parts or custom components. We love to help in any way possible. Fulfilling our obligations is almost always exceeded. If you need a new part due to modification, let us know what you are trying to do. We would be willing to send a custom part to suit your needs then have you modify a standard part in vain. For those who know us, this is the part we love to offer customers - true modelling fun!


Returns can only be accepted if the packaging has not been opened. Once the package has been opened, it cannot be guaranteed that the humidity where it was opened would not affect the wood inside. Each kit is packed in a way that secures critical material from warping. We also cannot guarantee that part or materials might have gone missing. To return a kit, send the unopened/sealed kit back to the same address (with insurance) and we will refund the purchase price of the kit minus a $30 restocking fee. Refund will only take place once the unopened kit returns safely.