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Tri-PacerTri-Pacer Kit in flight

Tri-Pacer Kit

The Tri-Pacer is our tribute to classic civil aviation. The Tri-Pacer has been one of our favourites for many years: Its simple design appeals to those who like the simpler things in life, including a gentle flying style.

Our Tri-Pacer kit has been revised once again (MKII). This time we salute those who are keen on electric configurations. To aid those in this class, we offer many considerations. A serviceable scale cowl, revised modular control module (main servo tray), dual channel wing-servo configuration, and a scale console.

The wing sports the Eppler E193, a stable airfoil that operates at very low Reynolds numbers. The fuselage offers the ability to convert to a tail-dragger (Pacer), and make use of floats. In any setup, you'll be pleased by its good looks and stable flight behaviour.

Previous Versions (discontinued)
For those who want to identify their kit in the history of development can find more info here.

Tri-Pacer Kit Mk1A Mark 1A
This early version used an all-balsa structure with the main servo tray set further back than recent versions. It sported a very light fuselage and extra room in the fuel tank area. We revised this version due to a high part count. There simply was too many parts to make it a fast building kit. This version was 5 channel only, and could be fitted with a .46 2-stroke engine. Flight result revealed the kit to be a handful in windy conditions - Far too light (7.2 lbs).

Tri-Pacer Kit Mk1B Mark 1B
The revised version "Mk1B" addressed some issues with the nose gear and engine clearance. It was built heavier and could handle a 4-stroke engine. With that, floats became an option. The fuselage strength was beefed up and the wing was designed to give greater throw on the control surfaces. It was still a very light, and would float above the ground longer than was comfortable. This version used a .70 4-stroke.

Tri-Pacer Kit Mk1C Mark 1C
This short production version followed in response to modellers who requested servos installed next to the wing control surface. We designed and this feature, along with a stronger windshield - Lexan. Two variations of this kit was offered: an all-balsa version, and a light ply version. The light ply version added the needed strength when experiencing hard landings or arguments with trees. It was perfect for windy days and offered very stable flight. This version used an .80 4-stroke.
Addendum For customers who bought this kit in the transition period between this version and the previous version were sent an addendum which can be downloaded here.
Tri-Pacer Contruction Manual For customers who Are looking for a copy of the Tri-Pacer Mk1C Construction Manual, you can download the PDF here.

MkII Version. Dig into the NEW Contruction Manual: Tri-Pacer Manual

Tri-Pacer Kit Mk2

Tri-Pacer Mark II
To answer some questions many had, we have put together a list of specifications for the new kit:

Visit the Tri-Pacer Gallery

Some revisions in the new kit are:

- More accommodation to electric installation
- Easier servo installation
- Scale details in cockpit and accessories
- Scale cowl functions
  • Scale Instrument Console
  • Quick-Release Fuel Carrier (glow or electric)
  • New Control Module design
Wing Chord
Wing Area
1013.5 sqIn.
20.9 oz./sq. ft.
48.75" (without prop)
Dry Weight
9.1 lbs. (As Shown. Results may vary)
OS LA .65 / 1200W Electric
Bisson #1001
6 channel (computer radio required.)

For more photos, visit our Gallery.

Need to get to the engine while at the feild? No problem!

Cowl Hatch

Some additional photos for your review.

Tri-Pacer Scale Panel Tri-Pacer Scale Panel Tri-Pacer Landing

Custom Wheel Pants (not included):

Tri-Pacer Taxi Tri-Pacer idleTri-Pacer with pants

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