Tri-Pacer Kit



Wingspan: 72"

Engine: OS LA65

Radio: 6 channel

HS-322HD (6)


Previous support documentation soon to be available again.

A True Classic

The Tri-Pacer is our tribute to classic civil aviation. The Tri-Pacer has been one of our favourites for many years: Its simple design appeals to those who like the simpler things in life, including a gentle flying style.

Our Tri-Pacer kit has been revised once again (MKII). This time we salute those who are keen on electric configurations. To aid those in this class, we offer many considerations. A serviceable scale cowl, revised modular control module (main servo tray), dual channel wing-servo configuration, and a scale console.

The wing sports the Eppler E193, a stable airfoil that operates at very low Reynolds numbers. The fuselage offers the ability to convert to a tail-dragger (Pacer), and make use of floats. In any setup, you'll be pleased by its good looks and stable flight behaviour.

Tri-Pacer Tri-Pacer


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